How student can learn Microsoft Certification in United States

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How student can learn Microsoft Certification in United States

You will find the most relevant and accurate information about MCTS and its guide and exam and learning recourse for certification. Microsoft Elevate America program is quite impressive Microsoft has released a program call “Microsoft Elevate America”. Through this program you can get free training , but it’s only available in following 4 states in U.S.
If you live in U.S so please use Microsoft site and find "free certification to elevate America" and probably you will find the appropriate link. You also can try finding nonprofits resource on Microsoft site so you will find various links there.

Microsoft will work with a designated agency in each state to implement Elevate America and ensure that the training benefits are delivered effectively and efficiently.
• New states join the program:

  1. Iowa
  2. Illinois
  3. Virginia
  4. Washington
Sharepoint Training Resource:
 if you are in U.S and want to join the best training so you can join Ted Pattison's Co for Sharepoint training. I highly recommend this Co if you are in U.S.

Last but not Least:
I have uploaded a video about sharepoint for your learning please watch and leave your text.

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