Understanding Server Virtualization

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Understanding Server Virtualization

How you can reduce number of physical servers in your organization to cut cost - whereas you need more physical server to fulfill your users need. If you need different servers mean -one is for windows server 2003 and  other you may require for windows server 2008– here we are talking about physical server solely, now what is the idea to implement such model- you have only option -you just purchase new hardware and install multiple operating system to make them different server, but we will outline some technology that will probably help you and run multiple server under one host.
Server virtualization is the technology -can help you reduce such cost as defined above and can give you multiple virtual server under one roof, let’s say you have one server and you want to have multiple server side by side, so from this physical server you can make more server- this technology is called server virtualization.

In this model you can virtualize the entire hardware/server or we can say you just virtualize the entire hardware with operating system- you just imagine you are making copy or cloning of your hardware that could run inside your host server we refer it as hardware virtualization.
If you are administrator and wanted to make different masks of your peripherals of computer you can use virtualization technology to make them virtual.
  You just need software to virtualize this entire environment. There are different ways to do server virtualization but we will focus virtual machine model here.

There are different software from different vendors can be used for server virtualization, you can consider Microsoft hyper v Server 2008 r2 and the other is Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 this is also a server virtualization tool that runs on windows server 2003.
We will add one liner again "hyper v is the technology to virtualize server" where you can make multiple server inside your physical server and you can have different operating system their too.
We hope you did understand server virtualization using Microsoft tools - you can share this information with your friends.

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