What is library cloud service

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What is library cloud service

Search is a basic component of today’s world specially when it comes online search in research or in any domain. If you are looking for any book that you want to read you always take Google approach means – you always use Google to find a resource; this is quite common approach by individual who are looking for books online.
There are many researcher out there doing research work and all the time they need to get information from different sources- what if you provide them a single platform that can help them find books from diversified resources so research become more easy handy and useful.

Library cloud is a mechanism for storing metadata –means data about data from different sources like from libraries and museum and other institutions and make such data available to any application that can be used there- and end user like researcher can use such kind of huge data for research purposes.

You need to understand a scenario to understand this service- assume that there are number of libraries available on net and what if all information comes under single umbrella using a web service called librarycloud, that makes pro-grammatically available meta data from diversified sources under single place- you can its API to give such functionality from your interface or website.

Ideally If you are end-user so will probably find different meta-data available under single place and if you are developer so would probably use its API to bundle this functionality in your application or site so anyone or researcher can take full advantage of this service.

Different sources like Harvard, Stanford university can upload their library data to any sit site if that site has bundled this functionality in their website and other researcher will doing research by taking help from that website,

Hope this has cleared a lot about what is librarycloud service there are few other vendors offering the same idea.
You can browse vendor's site and find out more about this services - just google libraryservices or contact us for this kind of idea.

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