Cloud Computing Concerns

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cloud Computing Concerns

We are addressing the cloud computing concerns so you could decide about the better cloud provider-
If you have taken a decisive step towards your application and data to be resided as outsource entity on server on-line we call it the cloud then review some aspects before selecting the cloud vendor how that vendor is handling your data, you need to make sure some aspects as given below for selecting better cloud vendor
one thing is important to know whether your cloud computing provider is allowing you to the data movement from one cloud to another, it all depends on which type of services you want to take from other cloud vendor. So this is very important to know if your existing provider can allow you to move your data to other cloud provider so specific service can be consumed.

Encryption of structured and non-structured data:
Another aspect is how encryption is done to move data, whether vendor enables unstructured or structured encryption or not, and in storage encryption is enabled or not.
Data can leak out on cloud, you need to consider what tools are available at your cloud vendor side and you also can explore tools for data leakage and how to be secure.

Cloud Infrastructure:
You need to consider the infrastructure of cloud is it secure or not, this may happen you are paying for dedicated server and your server is being shared among other customers, not only server – network resources or backup devices are being shared among others or not- you need to make sure if you are paying for dedicated cloud resources then they should be dedicated to your organization.
You need to consider on physical security of cloud provider, for example you have taken some space on cloud and checking email using exchange online, now you need to make sure what security software are there for your data to be secure etc.
You may require data for your internal processes you need to make sure is that compliance enough to satisfy your own regularity requirement.

In our views one point is having weight among all those point –that is privacy of data – and you need to know how the personal information will be used they are not using such data for marketing purposes, another aspect before selecting cloud provider is- make sure for how long cloud vendor has been in the market, better ask for some customers already using that service.
Please let us know your inputs.

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