Oracle Cloud Databse

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oracle Cloud Databse

If you are quite familiar with oracle and been maintaining oracle-based application and its database you may be thinking of exporting your oracle's database on cloud – here we have little overview- how you could go a head with this thinking. Your oracle application may be running fine and but if you have decided to migrate your database from oracle to somewhere on cloud you need to consider such technique to follow.

Technically we call it platform migration- because you are migrating your database- based on oracle from oracle developer to web based cloud computing environment, let me add few words about oracle developer it’s a java based tools and free for all, additionally- if you come up with the idea which cloud is better so can go ahead with Amazon RDS service to manage your relational database on cloud and can follow the procedure below with this hope that will be a perfect for migrating database from desktop oracle client/oracle server to cloud environment.
There are many ways to export data from oracle database and dump it on cloud computing environment, in which you can use Oracle Import/Export utility, and it’s ideal to use this tool if you have small database and limitation of data types, on the other hand you can use oracle developer to import /export database from oracle.
Oracle developer tool is ideal for small databases from oracle desktop to cloud environment.
Whereas another option is sql loader will help you to do the same task means to import/export data from oracle, this process will export data from oracle into a flat file and then so on you can create a control file where you write DDL statement in it.
If you have decided to run your database on cloud from oracle server/ oracle client so you can now think of selecting any other services that are compatible to run oracle database on cloud, we have done little research and seen oracle itself offering Oracle cloud but quite expensive model they have- you also can do the same thing and we have seen Amazon RDS is quite impressive for all small business people to migrate their databases from oracle server/client to cloud environment.

Little overview of Amazon RDS:
A services designed by Amazon to operate, access and manage oracle databases on cloud environment, it’s a services to scale up you relational databases on oracle engine, this is ideal for any organization using oracle developer database desktop /server environment to move your database from single user interface and move your database from client.

You need to get amazon RDS web service and register on amazon site for this service if you are happy with management console workspace of aws then you can go ahead.
You need to create database instance on cloud environment using your own oracle developer client tool or you can do such kind of activity from amazon management console.
Now you have fantastic interface with you that is oracle developer and you are connected with your database instances on cloud environment side by side. In first step you will create database and its table in cloud computing environment using oracle developer client tool or you can use it from amazon management console workspace. You will create database instance and then dump data into it but we would recommend just creating a snapshot instance is quite safe step and then go ahead with data import option.
As an option you can use import/export utility or sql loader option for data import/export.

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