Hybrid Cloud Computing

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hybrid Cloud Computing

You can combine two cells in Excel and make it one cell, like that you can combine two technologies into one, it’s a mixture of tow element – a hybrid cloud computing environment is mixture of two or more cloud models that are independent but linked together where at least one private cloud and other could be public cloud to form a partnership with each other.

Hybrid Cloud Computing:

is a model in which organizations provide and manage resources in-house and other resources are manages externally or as out- sourced.
In the light of above definition of hybrid cloud -you can be on safe side while selecting better cloud model for your organization.

There are many services available by public cloud providers and you ideally can consume them and have another private cloud environment to store data where you can manage your hybrid cloud. That is why we call it hybrid cloud.

If your organization using storage or backup services from public cloud environment then you can store your data in private cloud environment. Another example could be managing emails on public cloud – many cloud providers like Microsoft too – offering storing and managing your emails on public cloud and you can archive them on your private cloud environment to form a hybrid cloud.
You can consider consuming public cloud services and store your application’s data on private cloud to form a hybrid cloud.
Hybrid Cloud Computing
Hybrid Cloud Computing Example

You can consider sharepoint on public cloud and some workload in private cloud environment and it’s data to form a hybrid cloud environment.
You can consider consuming some services on public cloud and maintain cluster servers nods on private cloud to make it a hybrid cloud.

Conclusion of Hybrid Cloud Computing:

 Hybrid Cloud Computing environment gives you full control over your data and application and you have fewer dependencies over public cloud environment. By implementing this strategy you are securing your data on cloud environment. You are just combing resources and accessibility on cloud environment.
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