Typing without looking

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Typing without looking

  Initially people has been facing such issues in their mobile while typing- they cannot type word properly or somehow they type them so words just jumble upon because of less space available on the mobile keyboard, after times- QWETRY keyboard layout released where everything was done without any absolute hurdle, and now you can see today's mobile devices has half qwerty keyword which is absolutely handy for anyone to use full keyboard easily on small mobile devices. 

You still have much rooms to use full keyboard on your mobile without using QWERTY keyboard layout, or if we say this- typing without looking  is possible -so recently Google has released a Gmail tap -  this is a kind of development  in the keyboard layout, and it's a  binary type keyboard where you have only 2 keys to write entire message.

If you want to know how to work  with two keys which are dot and dash and compose a  complete message, this is not a fantasy – this is reality Google tap is the idea of an application – if installed – will give you 2 keys on your screen –dot and dash and a space bar. With these two keys you can replace entire keyboard 26 keys on your mobile set.

How to type with Gmail Tap:
Basically Gmail tap is a binary language to make different character on your mobile screen.
A • −
If you want to type A on your mobile screen you need to press keys combinations .-

We will published a picture to clear understanding for learning purpose of Gmail TAP about this process and see how keys combination could be pressed

 You need to download gmail tap application which is free and done, you should have android phone or any device have ios like ipad etc- so are probably under the right way to experience it.

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