Skype for windows phone

Monday, April 23, 2012

Skype for windows phone

Microsoft has made a move and released a Skype version for windows phone called Skype for windows phone developed by Skype- can be downloaded from windows marketplace.
You can do conference call using it, you will be having notification on the screen for call in progress, and you also can block any contact if you want to.

Now this application has been enhanced fixed the earlier issues like –now there is no crash inside application, performance issues has been resolved now it’s quite fast, now navigation is very fast and handy- additionally, you can call any free number with 1-800 without any Skype credit.

There are few known issues initially with the application like performance is slow, little navigation issues,.
Some issues yet to be resolved – if your windows phone with Skype is connected with USB code so it will not work and make a phone call.

If you have Blue-tooth with headset so you probably are running out of luck –it does not support it.
If you have setup up alarm or other event included low batter – if you have both symptom so your Skype call will be ended.
But overall- this move from Microsoft probably force users to buy Windows phone because it is supported on it with multi lingual support.
Please comment if you have any new issue with your windows phone.

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