Path photo sharing

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Path photo sharing

Today’s mobile can do much more beside just file sharing or photo sharing activity, if you browse mobile world you probably will see many application but few of them are quite impressive that can help you share your ideas, content including photos with each others.

Ideally any good application should have easy to use interface for anyone to upload photos etc, recently we just come across with an application that run on android, ios and can just give fascinating experience if you want to share photos or content online using you mobile.

You can post your text , you can share your ideas with friends, if you are listening any music share it with friends, you can also share photos with friends, if you are already using facebook or tweet so path will give you one login and you just have to check-in and done, so using path you post much more on these platform.
It’s more like what you on daily basis and things are being updated with you friends and family.
So why path why not other social platform – what we have seen so far path has a tendency to update content automatically and interface is quite handy. Path has localized feature – if you want to do anything in your own language so probably by the time you will get this done. Path can track you movements and entire experience is very fascinating for people who have been using other social media tools on mobile devices.

Little limitations are there with path photo sharing, you cannot upload video and it has 150 friends limitation, so you can share content with 150 friends currently. It is available on iphone, ipod touch, ipad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later or with android 2.1 or later. If your mobile has android so you probably will run path application.
You can download path directly from path website. And start making friends and sharing your ideas.
Path is fantastic picture application for android.

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