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Sunday, May 30, 2010

As per the real information gathered from Market we have published a list of famous Vendors of the technology although this list is not completed and being updated all the way. Please send us your site our team will evaluate them and then will publish them here.
 Following is the list of directory that contains list of dod certified record management vendors, these software are dod certified record management software there may be more software,  as of now we could gathered the list below.
If you want to know more please contact principle vendor or contact us for any further information as per our experience.

Most of the software below support out look as email client but you can contact directly to the vendor for any further information. And some of the software fall into document management category too.

Vendor                                  Product                                            DB                           OS
IBM                             IBM Enterprise Record Manager                IBM DB2, SQL Server   IBM AIX, WIN2008
Autonomy Corp.          Autonomy Rec Manager                            SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Open Text                   Open Text Rec Manager                            SQL Server                 Win2008
Laserfiche                  Laserfiche Record Management                 SQL Server, Oracle       Win2008
EMC                           EMC Record Manager                                 SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Vignette(OT)              Vignette OpenText                                     SQL Server                  Win2003
Alfresco                     Alfresco Record Management Module           MySQL, Oracle             Linux, Windows
HP                             HP TRIM                                                 SQL Server, Oracle, HP IAP      Windows
Below you will find Document Management System. If you want to know anything further about them please Google the term you will get the principle vendor site.
        Oracle (UCM)
        Xerox DocuShare included with scanning
     WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
Some Business Process Management software they are famous too.
            K2 Blackpearl 


            Vignette (Open Text)

Gathered Business Intelligence software.
               Cognos: Acquired by IBM 
               PerofrmancePoint (Microsoft)