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Monday, August 30, 2010

If you look at the history of Business Intelligence at a Glance so as per the bi tools the oldest Business intelligence tools is  nQuire Inc – software called nQuire- initially  focused on data access and come up with their first product for analyzing structured data from diversified system.
nQuire is the software that has been used for BI in late 90’s and after 2 years it was acquired by Seibel and marketed as Seibel Analytics now this product finally acquired by Oracle and become an Oracle BI Enterprise Suite.

Before acquiring ProClarity by Microsoft - this tools was also a very old tools of BI and now Microsoft is marketing and further enhancing this tool as Performance Point Services with Sharepoint server 2010 although there is drastic change in the product that is called Performance Point Services 2010.

Our team had analyzed data based on market trends for business intelligence tools.

Different BI tools and its market share:

Specially- if you are going to select the BI tool so you can at least find out which one has high sales in a year, we have evaluated few BI tools specially Performance point Server, Oracle BI and IBM’s Cognos. But on a small architecture – we could not have the high end architecture to evaluate these products but the best thing is – when you are going to buy any of the BI tool so you can figure out its sales by year – it is obvious if product sales is higher than the other product – this means one product with the high volume of licensed soled – is the good one.

Please review the BI Tools by market share%:

                                                              Market share %

Microsoft BI:                                           7.7 %

IBM Cognos:                                           10.0 %

Oracle BI:                                               3.2 %

Please let us know if you have any thought about the idea above or you have any information about the oldest Business Intelligence Tool please leave text in  comments area.

Editor's Note: The above information is for informational purpose only.