Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Supported Operating System

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Supported Operating System

You will understand Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Supported Operating System-
In the last post I have mentioned details of SQL Server Management Studio- and here you will find the detail of supported operating system - when you install SQL Server on server operating system so try to install Latest Windows server if you are installing SQL Server 2008- this is very clear now – to install SQL Server on a Windows OS you should have latest windows Server by Microsoft like Windows 2003 see the compatibility issue on Microsoft site.
Only one point I want to mention here – if you have installed Windows CE as OS then go for SQL Server CE edition if you want to work with.

Now you will see some others Operating System supported by SQL as a client- it means you are going to install SQL’s client software to query Database. Some details are mentioned below.

Operating Systems supported by Microsoft SQL Server:

Novel Netware, UNIX, AppleTalk, OS/2, Banyan VINES- these are the operating systems supported by Microsoft if you want to work with SQL Server as a client.

Protocols for SQL Server:

Now I will mention details of protocol supported by SQL server.

NW Link(Netware Link) is a protocol, supported by SQL Server- Microsoft has written this protocol.

NWlink for compatibility with Novell’s native protocol – so if someone wants to interact with SQL server using different operating system then you should have NWlink protocol working and installed on your system so user could run queries on SQL server Database.

TCP/IP: The one artistic protocol and HERO protocol supported by SQL Server and developed by ARPA.

NetBUI: Supported by SQL Server but written by IBM- mostly runs on all Microsoft operating system, it is very fast protocol, but suited to organizations with few computers in the enterprise.

Appletalk: Developed by Apple, Microsoft SQL server works with the protocol properly.

Banyan VINES: It is used in Banyan VINES networks- if you have installed SQL Server you have different Operating System and Banyan VINES protocol then U can go ahead and executes Queries and talk SQL Server.

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