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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Safari is mostly used browser in the world on mobile or smartphones almost 50-60% smartphone users used safari for browsing Internet world from their mobile.
Safari is developed by Apple, inc and it’s available on mac os and ios which is a operating system for ipad. You can download this browser for free from apple website for mac pc.
Online advertising is playing vital role in all aspect using such browsers, Many vendors need to understand their user if they are working with online advertising – because you need to know your user demographics in on-line advertising.
Technically Apple’s safari is configured to block user cookie, and if you block user’s cookie so basically you cannot know who the user is and where he/she is coming from which is very important in on-line advertising.
Recently Google a search giant and giant in online advertising recently identified by different researchers that Google has placed tractable cookie in Safari browser which is against the rule of game.
In future Google may face some legal issues- because this issue has been raised by U.S govt.
We hope this will be resolved soon in the best user interest and we believe NOW Google is a real giant in search advertising.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

 Google plus has drawn a lot of attention and gathered much more audience and this show was going great but Facebook knew what could happen if they do not work hard and then they made a lot changes and given more features to Facebook users and people started sticking to facebook with more features on board.

Now Google has made a move to draw people attention from Facebook to Google plus and played its trump card which is obviously Google tool –the search tool – Google has made drastic changes in search and now if you are just searching content beside this -you can find a lot, this time giant search tool will find people and other things, which was being transformed from social search – now just few more features has been added.
 You can find personal results too if you have photos on Google plus and post like if you are finding any travel detail and you have post on Google plus about this category then you will probably find them altogether under one search tool that is Google search.

You can find profile in search result with google now, if you have friends with profile on Google plus then you can find them with Google search tool.
On the other hand Bing has become the second search in United States after Google, whereas Google still has 69% share in search.

Friday, July 15, 2011

 Google recently jumped into social business site like facebook although facebook already has been in this business since long before but if you look at the Google’s history –as a Giant search tool whenever they made any move it went fantastic, this is not just like simple statement – when Google come into market back in 1995 there were already Giant tool available in the market Altavista delight, yahoo etc, and people has been using them, but when Google come into existence then Google become world largest search tool.
Recently they have launched another service for sharing things called google+, Now google is going deep and testing Google plus project(Goolge +project), you just need to submit your email to test this service and then done and enjoy your social world.
This is what we have been feeling that when Google has launched Google plus service people are using it, and the best part of this service is , this is available inside your search results- this is something which is the best part of this service, if you want to tell your friends or anyone that this site is fantastic then click on plus sign after the search link you see.
Now Google is going deep and making this service in full swing, Google +Project contains number of other functionality Circles, hangouts, sparks etc. But this google+project available on invite means for registered users only currently.
Once you are member of google +project then you will see Google plus bar on top of your screen with the link and caption “You”  and you can enjoy the number of social feature with this functionality.
We will elaborate number of  google +project services like Circle, hangouts, instant upload, sparks and huddle.

Q1: What is circles functionality in Google +project?
This feature is for sharing  and making friends of circles more like you have friends circle family circle and student circle where you will keep your childhood friends and in family circle you will your family member only, so the bottom line is sharing things with different type of people become super easy.

Q2: What is “hangouts” in google plus project?
This feature is new thing to all social site, this feature tells anyone that you are going for hangout on face to face chat.

Q3: Instant upload in google +project?
Very easy to upload images and videos via mobile automatically and share it with friends.

Q4:Sparks feature in google +project?
Tell anything to your friend community – have you seen any fascinating movie tell your friend, have you heard any news tell your friends, more like share feature in facebook.
google plus project
Google Plus Project by example

Q5: Huddle is what in google +project?
Huddle is having a group chat with your friends or with number of people, so finally you could decide to go for movie on weekend after having great meeting with friends as group.

Editor Note: Content here is not against any individual or group but for learning purpose only.