How to add google custom search with image search

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to add google custom search with image search

If you are planning to develop your site and add functionality of search –this may be ending up with a tedious job- because if you are coder then you can think of such functionality in ASP and in some other technologies. But let’s not reinvent the wheel and try adding some of the solution available in the world.
On the other hand you add search box for images as well, if you want to search content and images side by side so we will recommend Google custom search engine very famous used by number of people in the world for various web sites.

Google recently added another feature in their custom search engine that is called image search will give you image based result too– now you can find images via google custom search with a  image tab if you enable this feature from custom search engine.
Steps are below:
1) Login Google custom search website (
2) Provide search engine name and description
3) Select some of the layouts from the option given there
4) You can select different styles of your custom search from control panel area.
5) You can enable auto completion from control panel of custom search.
Once you are done with all changes then you get code from get code button inside cse (custom search engine)
And then past this all snippet into your blog or any site that you are working on to implement a search engine their and off course that is provided by Google.

  In the new custom search interface you will see image search option and you need to enable this option from basic setting, and select layout for image search and finally you are done- you definitely will be having a image search option for your entire site.
Give it a try and we hope you will get a dashing google custom search with image search option -will give you image based results.
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