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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Have you ever experienced any site using smartphones you would probably know how the site is working and you may find static content of the site – many applications on internet or you can say site having application does not support smartphone.
Another journey was that when you browse internet world and you are browsing with your mobile and that site is designed in flash so probably you have very bad experience because many smartphone or ipad does not support flash as a result you see blank pages of that site. 

Issues for adding video in HTML has been resolved with HTML5–  there is no additional tagging or plugin required to add video/music on webpage just one element can add video/audio in webpage so you can see HTML5 Video on any HTML5 supported browser.

HTML Five Validation:

New forms level validation has been added in HTML5 using them you can restrict anyone to enter wrong data who is using your form, or you can say you add forms level validation using different element in HTML5 like if someone has not entered valid email address in your HTML form so you can send message to user screen to enter valid email.
You can add NAV element to define navigation on your page. You also need to define the html pages they could be displayed on that html page, inside the nav element define your html pages using anchor tag link- probably you are done.

HTML5 example Tags:

You just try the following code snippet with the matching closing tag for HTML5 example and see how HTML5 elements can work with your browser.
You can use <nav> element enclosed with angle bracket for navigation.
You can add music audio stream just adding element <audio>You do not need to write any script to display time on website just add <
You can add <search>(enclosed with angle bracket) type of input to search content on web.

HTML 5 sites with application:

You can develop application using HTML5 many elements can be used to design application for example you can develop a canvas where any user can make a sketch online using html5 technology and you add different filters to make your art more artistic. We have seen and used HTML5 application on [deviantart] you just browse it from Goolge and can use it. We cannot sum up HTML5 in one word – it’s also a tool to create application on mobile or smartphone additionally you can develop photo editor online using its API.
If you using kindle and reading book so there is another application designed in html5 to read book online – additionally you can use various script from github to make your html5 application.