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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If your organization has purchased SAP solution you probably have been facing issues like how to work with its module and its ERP or CRM etc, and SAP ERP is the mostly used by number of MNC in the world – but employees has always problem in performing task because sometimes they do not have any commerce background and if they have then they do not know how generate a PO from SAP ERP etc. So Datango is software – that can help you how to do simple or complicated task using SAP using simulation.

If you want to understand what is Datango we would say it’s tools for SAP training and simulation-Datango can demonstrate you how to use SAP application using training session .
You can use Datango in various aspects in using SAP modules – like you can simulate its CRM module and can understand how to work with CRM easily, accordingly you can get help how to use change management module and its documentation.

With datango you can manage and work with different SAP modules and understand  various tasks via training with easy steps. This software work like a recorder and user can understand what to do when on each module –it’s like training manual or documentation, you can see how to create setup using simulation  etc.
SAP has acquired software from Datanago including its training module based on SAP modules so users can easily understand and learn how to work with SAP and generate documentation etc.

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