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Thursday, December 29, 2011

You might have seen various websites having different animation or I should say rich effects and rich user interface – traditionally web designer has been using JavaScript for any dynamic effect and its client side technology that runs on client side, now people has been using different technology that handle events on client side and create animation too you can say advance animation and its application performance become fast. We call it JQuery- if you have question What is JQuery so- it’s  a client side scripting technology, jquery is totally free and it’s an open source model– you can use it in your website without any license fee. You can access DOM(document object model) using JQuery and also can create animation using it.
Very fine thing about this platform is – it supports mobile like you can view its forms and dialog boxes on smartphones as well.

There is another advanced version called jquery UI – you also can use it for advance animation, people are using JQuery UI for interactive or dynamic website.
I would recommend if you want to use JQuery- on your website just visit googlecode site.
And pass reference of jquery JavaScript file in your head tag and probably you are done.
And then use it inside your body tag of your HTML- these are simple hints how you can use JQuery initially and learn it using scripts.This is a very simple example for people  who wants to learn jquery.
If you want to see JQuery example where it’s being used – so JQuery has been used in office 365 online version where you see different dialog box is displaying on your screen and overall performance is quite fast of office online version because of this technology.
We hope you learned little about JQuery for beginners if you want to learn JQuery more so please stay connected with our site.