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Saturday, April 7, 2012

You need to understand few other terms in order to understand what is bandwidth limit of blogspot blog, If you are running a small business or mid-size scale, so you probably need to know many terms been used on Internet like traffic of your site, bandwidth etc.
Many hosting companies offering different bandwidth if you have purchased a domain so you would definitely understand the difference of bandwidth of your web page or website.
If you want to download a file from Internet to your computer let’s say that file is 4 mb- and probably it will take 4 mb bandwidth- so traffic basically is a people visiting your site and if there are number of people simultaneously accessing your site – so probably you need more bandwidth to give them a better experience – otherwise all your customer will stick somewhere in downloading those  files and finally they will leave site after spending hours.

What web hosting bandwidth is- basically how your web page or post will be accessed by number of users simultaneously? If you have enough bandwidth then all users will be having very good experience on your site and can view web pages properly.

If you come across with blogging and specially blogging using blogspot blog and after few posts you want to know the bandwidth- so there are number of free blogging platform they probably ask you for extra payment if you access more than the specified bandwidth, but if you are using blogspot blog like we discussed – so there is no bandwidth limit on blogspot blog – so as many posts you create and you can accommodate as many traffic if you have. All users will be experiencing all post simultaneously.

Blogspot blog storage limit:

If you have 100000 visits per day like people are visiting your site per day so your site or blog will not down with such kind huge traffic- so all users will be having great experience –so blogspot has unlimited bandwidth and you are lucky one who are managing blog on

Picassa webalbubum storage limit:

After all those limitation you have many images on your post so there is limit on picassa to store images, whenever you add images in your blog or you templates contains images so if you cross that limit like 1 GB for storing images on picassa, have crossed that so no image will be displayed on your post – and if you want to know total consuming space on picassa so login and check out setting.