Ready for Goolge Drive

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ready for Goolge Drive

If you are searching content on web using Google and wanted to do something on cloud like dropbox,icloud is doing where people can start uploading their files or content and they can use them anywhere where they have Internet connection and they can manipulate those files anywhere.

If you ever used SkyDrive and used it and manage your files on Internet so be ready to work with your files on line with search giant Google, a new service is going to be released by Google –we do not have any information what is the charge of Google drive –normally Google provide things free – like if you ever used Google doc so that is totally free. This time Google is coming with cloud technology which will help anyone to upload and store content on cloud called it Google drive so you can manipulate them easily.

But Google drive is coming on smartphones and other devices if you have such mobile so you can use Google cloud technology and it’s our guess -this will be free services from Google.

Little details about other vendors currently offering free space:
Drop box 2 GB free (attempted to acquire by Apple)
SkyDrive 25 gb free space up till now by Microsoft

We will have to see how things will be working with Google drive but probably they will face huge competition in the market.

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