Facebook at a glance

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook at a glance

Facebook is going into biggest valuation process after Google – and FB is filing initial public offering(IPO) so people could do trade with Facebook shares. A company started with 7 people now reached 3200 employee – spending $87 MM in research and development.

Facebook major expenses are recruiting, training, and infrastructures and acquisition and main revenue stream is ad serving and data center and payment system, where Facebook may charge fee for payment on-line – Facebook data center has advance infrastructure and its cooling system has evaporative technology to keep its server cool.

If you want to compare Facebook so you can do it with Google if you want to know competitors so again that is Google. And Google plus is the real threat to Facebook right now, initially Google has made a final move to be top competitor - in which Google has released few more features with its giant Search tool where you can find your friends and shared post with search engine down the line.
On the other hand Bing Microsoft's search tool and Facebook has come up with a deal where Bing user with Facebook profile will be inside Bing search with friends and items on Facebook.
Microsoft has also attempted to acquire little stake in Facebook worth $15 B valuation with the option to purchase 5% every six month and finally that deal was not completed but Microsoft ended up investing in Facebook.
Facebook has attempted to acquire Twitter and after this Google also submitted bid to acquire Twitter and submitted bid but both bid were turned down.

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