Microsoft Kinect for windows with human detection

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Microsoft Kinect for windows with human detection

 Touch screen is the most famous mechanism for operating smartphone, tablet and other devices even pc’s. This mechanism is more popular in games and driving more demand of touch screen in other devices – but if you want to control device through your voice and body gestures then there is another device called Microsoft Kinect.

Basic idea behind this is – you are going to control your computer through your voice- a device can understand your gesture and your voice as you perform in front of the device sensor.

It has feature of face recognition and skeletal tracking in real time as you move along, it can recognize two object(human face) within specified range.

 There are two different flavor to work with the device – one is for game console – and other one is for windows pc's- here you will see more ideas about how you can use it with pc's –means you will buy  Kinect for Windows sensor device if you want to build application for your business.

You can use Kinect for businesses – if you have retail store and want to track how people are interacting with your product and so you can do this by Kinect – and finally you will come up with the idea how many people has visited and seen which product and shown interest in them. You can do programming using Kinect SDK for windows pc's  and then you will be able to do such stuff.

You can design gesture based  or body movement based application and use it in diversified sector including healthcare to interact with the patient .

As you know Kinect for windows  can understand human movement  including skeletal and facial recognition and can understand your voice and recognize it,  so this means you can write application using Kinect SDK  which will understand and interpret your  command and execute them if you want to press button so don’t just press them just say it – because Kinect can understand and recognize your voice.

And then on this SDK could be easily used in your businesses – like we discussed earlier retail, healthcare and in other domain.

What you need in order to develop such application that could understand your command and execute them are following:

  •     Kinect device to detect your body movement and recognition of your voice.

  •     Kinect SDK for windows for developing application that could understand your voice and gesture.

Kinect in Education Sector:
Device is called Kinect released by Microsoft for motion detection for human, another idea of using Kinect SDK is to develop application that could understand your  voice if you are in class start clapping so your lecture will start and computer can display presentation based on your clapping sound and stop presentation if you clap again.

If you really want to capture human action and execute commands against those actions so you need to write a program using Kinect SDK and with Computer, windows  and visual studio and Kinect sensor device – connect it to your pc via USB cable.

How to start working with Microsoft Kinect for Windows:
You need to have Microsoft Kinect SDK and its hardware sensor and that is all.
Near Mode is a term used with Microsoft Kinect that can understand object from 40 centimeter.
Microsoft Kinect device can work with any pc's running Windows 7, this device can start sensing object and can receive and execute commands accordingly. Its SDK license is free for anyone- use its SDK and API for different functionality and you need to purchase Microsoft Kinect device only and then done.
Kinect SDK can be used to track anyone’s body movement and execute commands against those actions.

How to make program using Microsoft Kinect device:
If you are developer and want to use Microsoft Kinect SDK you need a pc with windows or Windows embedded standard 7 and visual studio 2010 and Microsoft Kinect SDK and finally you need to purchase a Kinect device – then probably you will be able to make any type of body tracking or speech recognition application using it.
Possibly you can make a program that can understand your voice to move screen pages and much more using its Microsoft Kinect SDK.

Please comment if you have any other idea of using Microsoft Kinect for windows.

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