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Saturday, December 5, 2009

In the last post you have seen Sharepoint Records Management technology – I will detail more functionality and feature of DoD in this post too. At end- few facts about RM policy and its planning.
Some other standard I been so familiar with are Sarbanes –Oxley, HIPAA.
Sarbanes-Oxley: solely for publicly traded companies.
SB 1386: For any company doing business in California, to ensure Records protection.
GLBA: Applies to all financial institution like Bank etc to regulate the information.
DoD: For department of Defense.
 Again I am focusing on who should use DoD- first department of defense (DoD ) act is used in highly regulated environment where you need to monitor each and everything precisely.
If you think your organization needs some sort of software where you can monitor each and every activity in organization in the form of document or information – so the right solution could come from Record Management vendor. Now – you need to do a lot of stuff if you want to implement RM solution, but in short you recognized NEED and now find out if  you use sharepoint Record enter site to have the same functionality – you can do it by the way. So what to do with DoD 5- it’s standard for compliance.
If you have ambiguity to understand the need of Records Management so I will give you another example, everyday there are many documents they are created in organization and keep in folder – so Think if you are working as a team on a document that is a backup policy document –it has to be approved first in order to make document as policy and accidentally someone deletes it- so you might face a disaster because the document has been deleted on which people were working to make a finalize policy.
So RM Software will not let anyone delete or at times to retain the document once you declare it as records. It all depends what your RM policy is all about.
I also have seen few other vendors supporting these acts are following. (Chapter 4 included)
Meridio: Widely used fully DoD compatible – used in USAF. Now it’s acquired by Autonomy.
EMC Documentum:  Widely used and famous too but quite expensive.
HP TRIM:  Recently acquired by HP – DoD enabled.
Chapter 2 Included
Sharepoint with DoD kit.

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