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Friday, January 21, 2011

Microsoft has started working on cloud and as of now Microsoft has released few products based on cloud computing – if you have heard a buzz called -sql azure – so probably be thinking what is Microsoft SQL Azure.
 SQL Azure is cloud based technology for people who want to work with RDBMS model in cloud space.
You just think of one scenario -you are working in organization where you have to manage databases that include software to manage and a dedicated server - where your database and software will be installed online sql like a cloud space for you is called dedicated server, this kind of dedicated server is different from dedicated hosting  and after few months you probably be asking for some patches to fix some database related issues. This is not the end- you have to manage high availability, disaster recovery that may increase overall cost if your planning is to scale up or scale out.

Other Cloud Database may be used for such functionality.
But with a cloud technology especially you can manage hosted database – this will probably decrease your cost overall. But with cloud technology you will have to face scaling issues.

Why SQL Azure in Cloud?

SQL Azure is an environment for managing RDBMS databases on cloud they are already distributed on different node.
SQL Azure is not like an environment where you have to deploy your databases on different machines for different purposes SQL Azure is already deployed on different sql instances.
You do not have to worry about its patches or you have to manage it physically, just do all stuff on cloud with all RDMBS feature plus you can pay some cost and scale up your RDMBS environment. This means you are saving physical architecture cots of RDMBS environment when you need it to scale out.
SQL Azure provides you scalability, availability and reliability anyway. Azure is an environment of clustered SQL Servers based in cloud in Microsoft data centers.
Microsoft sql azure
Understand Microsoft Cloud by image example

Some facts about Microsoft SQL Azure:
•    Microsoft has released backup functionality in SQL Azure –just copy object
•    Microsoft may Support full text indexing in SQL Azure.
•    Microsoft may support rich Reporting Services.
•    Distributed transaction not supported in Microsoft SQL Azure Cloud
•    Select Into statement is not supported in SQL Azure.

Now, ready to take off – install SSMS 2008 R2 to create your own database in cloud and user database can be 1gb to 5gb on web edition. SQL Azure database support standard API like ODBC, ADO.NET these two technologies are very famous to manipulate data.
Few select statements you can use supported in  SQL Azure environment:
if you want online sql server management studio then you can register for sql azure online where you can same environment almost and you also can run sql queries there, Microsoft is offering free trial for azure you can browse Microsoft site and register for free sqll azure.

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