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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You might be facing such kind of scenario where you are having issues in managing your network when you are scaling out and may be facing issues for memory when application needs more space to run, and load balancing, and managing environment and patching type of issues.
You can think of one scenario where you do not have to think about your application which is design on your pc or you do not need to take care of your application in desktop environment,. The only way to interact your business will be Internet – and you do not need to think of your hardware/software etc- that scenario is called Windows Azure cloud is a platform from Microsoft for design , build and host web application and this application will be accessed via cloud OS that is Windows azure.
One major advantage we could see here is reduced hardware cost – traditionally you need to manage a server and clients in order to your entire client should access that application, configuring client and its support might be another issue.
Windows azure platform includes cloud services for operating system and developer services that provide a functionality to develop application that span from small to enterprise entities.
Windows azure and sql azure are the major components of windows azure platform. Whereas windows azure provides storage, networking and content delivery feature and scaling web application feature on Internet.
Microsoft sharepoint on-line, exchange on-line, office communication on-line and net meeting already released before windows azure where as these are sharing common operational element like datacenter, provisioning and identity infrastructure.
Windows azure platform also provide test staging and different testing environment in software developer life cycle where they can move their application from test to production environment this environment is based on subscription. We have made it very simple  to understand what is windows azure if you still have any issue to understand it please let us know.