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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you are using Facebook text messenger on IOs so you running out of luck because Facebook is testing its new feature on Facebook text messenger so you could reach your friends faster than ever before.
If you want to experience new text messenger feature so you can try it with android phone –and you also be able to use it in October, 2013 with ios.
As you are so familiar with watsapp and when you send any message to you friend it goes directly to your friend’s inbox and get notified when they are online so they get instant notification, idea goes same here using Facebook messenger you can connect with your friends via phone number as well as with your email address.
Another feature in this messenger is its icon which is totally changed with a zigzag arrow in blue color.
And that intimates anyone who is using messenger application and someone is using this messenger from desktop or mobile so the status displays the same icon and changes it accordingly.
You can chat with your friend by adding the phone number of the friend for the first time and change its image as background while chatting with friends.

If you update your existing messenger so instantly you will be able to use these features, and your status on Facebook instantly be converted into mobile or web in green color with your name when you login Facebook.