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Sunday, May 4, 2014

People are rushing towards the android store for downloading diversified applications now a days, if you are just doing editing and updating docs and sheets and you have android phone or ios so you can do these types of activities using newly released application by Google called Google docs and Google Sheet which are used for editing docs offline and online too which is obvious.
If you have tablet with android so you can download these application easily just tap into app store and download both application Google docs and Google sheet for android tablet.
Likewise if you have android phone so can download these fantastic applications for editing documents and sheet.There are number of Excel like formulas are supported in spread sheet.
Google may be releasing presentation app for such phones and devices in future.

Now if you are working in any organization and wanted to edit docs and spreadsheet  using your smartphone or tablet and wanted to perform some spreadsheet calculation as well so you can do it using Google spreadsheet -
These are ideal update by Google for people who are trying to edit and update docs and sheet online or off line anywhere.