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Saturday, March 14, 2015

If you have been working with Google code project where your project was being collaborated so you have to be careful because now Google code service is being discarded by Google – as Google said it was becoming more abusive or spam by people once they upload the projects there so it was very difficult to manage it from Google.
Entire community has been using Google code service now if you need to migrate your  project from Google code to somewhere else so you can collaborate on it-There are few other services for such kind of activity are there that includes github, bitbucket and source forge and another service which is Google code importer service by Google itself.
Google code importer service is taking too much time to import your code from Google code to somewhere else as mentioned above.
If your site is linking some code hosted on Google code service so you need to migrate that code using one of services mentioned on Google code -so you can easily migrate that code somewhere else easily.

Google Code service is being discarded how to move project:

Easiest way to migrate your code is – instead of using export service which is and move your code to github. But if it’s taking time so you can easily create your account in github and login and create repository there – simply by creating a link after verifying email from github and then you are done.

Now you need to import your code from Google code service to github so finally we have moved or imported our code from google code service by creating account in github and by using import option from github instead of using export service from Google code service.

Test case moved our code from Google Code Service to Github:

Our code was hosted at google code for blogger navigation which was moved  newly hosted or imported code at github and  url was
So if you or someone is using that source code and referring that URL at Google code service so change it to newly created URL that contains code at github with the URL mentioned above for blogger navigation from Google code to github.

You will  be able migrate issues, wikis and all other stuff along with your project which was there at Google code service but only number of times download type of metadata might be missing like we were unable to find how many times users has downloaded code etc which was 100 k times at Google code service.
Otherwise rest of the wiki or issues were migrated from Google code service to github.
If you are facing issues please comment we will reply.