iPhone will alarm when you turn it on with hipkey

Sunday, February 3, 2013

iPhone will alarm when you turn it on with hipkey

Everyone has this experience when you loose your valuable in public places, everyone has been facing various problems like this -  sometime you forget your phone in public places -  there was no way through which you could remember your valuables but now you can keep your belongings with you and no chance of loosing them by the help of technology.
If you have expensive iPhone or iPad so before there was no way to keep your eyes on these valuables but recently we just come across a device that will help you to track your iPhone or iPad and keep an eye on your valuable so you could not loose them.

That device is called hipkey it communicates via its application and when you move around and keep that device in your pocket and forget your valuables in public places or offices  like we discussed iPhone or iPad somewhere so that device will alarm once you turn it on with iPhone application.

There is a vice-verse mechanism either you keep your valuable in your pocket or hipkey in your pocket to keep an eye on your valuables.

You can turn child mode on to track your child in public places within specified range.  For other scenarios put hipkey in your briefcase or in bag and it will notify you if someone moves it away from you.
Idea is very simple you can not forget anything if you have placed hipkey with your valuables. hipkey mechanism is vice-verse and can be controlled via iPhone application so your iPhone will alarm once you turn it on with iPhone when someone is trying to move your belongings away.

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