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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blog can be used to publish news article - there are many news websites you can browse and few of them might be using SharePoint blog technology for publishing news on their website. And if you browse any news site like CNBC news so you would see summary of article first and roll up components etc and then if you click further then it will show you up the entire news article. 
There are many sites has been developed using such technologies - But if you look at the platform from Microsoft so there was only tool Microsoft has introduced to create blog site was SharePoint Server and from then on people has used SharePoint blogging feature and created various sites entertaining their audience.
SharePoint 2013 blog feature will give you ready component to use it in your site as blogging platform, integrated with Microsoft office like word you can also  publish post directly from there, archiving and a lot more.
And creating blog in SharePoint 2013 is super easy too if you have SharePoint skills.
You can do customization in your SharePoint 2013 blog if you want to design it according to your need.

Super Easy Steps for creating SharePoint 2013 blog:

Creating SharePoint blog in 2013 is super easy, you follow the step to create a blog in sharepoint 2013.

Key sequence to create sharepoint 2013 blog:

From menu click Site content>>Subsite>>url>>select blog template>> create blog
Select site content>>  then Create Subsite, give a title to your blog, enter some description what is it all about few lines then website address in the next text box and then select template blog from there and click create button that's it, you will end up with sophisticated blog site displaying blog post and on the right side navigation you will see few links for creating new post, manage post, category, archive etc.

If you click on manage post then it will take to to the list area where article are being created and displayed.
And if you browse it from ribbon and go into list setting then you can add any site column in this article that you want. You will find various default columns like title, body, comments of article and created date , category, rating, likes how many likes there are,  first you need to understand what is the purpose of these columns.
These column are being used to store information about article in this example , and few column you might not find them in your article like thumbnail image and summary text so you can create that column and - can be used to store thumbnail image and summary text in your article and you create these column straight from the list setting and then create column.
So this is become super easy for anyone to create a blog in sharepoint 2013 and entertain their audience.