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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Facebook is a giant in social network but recently Microsoft has revealed that has been working on a secret Project called, it’s a social channel by Microsoft like Facebook but Microsoft engineer has been doing work hard to make it a better social platform because this time Microsoft is playing with the master that is Facebook.
You can browse site directly by typing and start posting your status and other content. But Microsoft has decided to expand its audience through launching its application on android phone so it could go to other platform as well.
If you want to browse the site just provide your hotmail credentials or Facebook id if you have that already – no need to create it and that is it for going into it.
Major benefit of using this is you can create fully dynamic content and feature rich content instantly and share it among friends.
Google also has been penetrating to give a threat to Facebook but people like to spend more time with Facebook instead of other social platform, but this move looking quite impressive because Microsoft research has started this project long ago and they have been testing it among their own employee and now expanding it via mobile app.
You can also post little stories overlying text and images in funky style – they call it picotale.
 Blink feature will help you to create short dynamic media or video. If you are capturing a live event so just record it and post it here whereas Kodu functionality is for kids or a game platform and much more for kids- so you can browse

Defining Microsoft Social Media as

A service by Microsoft penetrating in Social media space just need your hotmail account if you have that desire with hotmail id then you are done with using such a attempted social space may be competing with other Social service like google plus, facebook.
Just use it and tell us your experience.