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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Actually phishing is activity used for stealing user id and password or credit card details by disguising some appearance- recently same thing has occurred through Google forms attacking on office 365 users.
If you are office365 users so this might has happened with you if not then beware of such stuff.
Phishers has deceived users using fake screen attacking office 365 suite on cloud– it’s been observed that phishing email generated from validate email account and trying to gather Microsoft credentials.

Initially it looks this email is coming from Microsoft and asking users to Update office 365 suite or user might face suspension of their account – and after looking at decisive email message – users just press panic button and start clicking on it where email message say ‘Update Your Office 365’ suite on cloud or your account will be suspended. As a result urging user to click on it so entire id and password information has been compromised.

 This is an absolute example of phishing where users is presented with the fake website  which matches the original site  where easily user can enter their password credential – now this time Microsoft user data – office 365 credentials has been compromised and “gone fishing” I mean phishing.

It’s difficult if you are working through mobile device because you have setup everything on your mobile where you see such altered screen which is difficult to recognize it as phishing message that urging you to click provide all confidential information and breaches whereas if you are working from desktop so might have this idea where that link is taking to provide such information whether that link is from Microsoft or not- this time Google forms has been used to gather all information and identical for office update message.

How to stay protected from Google docs form which says update office 365:

of course, don't click on such phishing messages
  • You can do some tweaking at your outlook level to mark such message as phishing
  • you also can do some tweaking at office 365 level
  • You can report such phishing message to Microsoft 
  • Make sure link is safe to click or not I mean is it coming from valid source
Google forms has been used for deceiving users and presented with screen where user could enter their password and email so entire stuff would be compromised.
You only  need to recognize it if that email is from legitimate site or not or let’s say-  is that email coming from Microsoft which says update your office 365 so user would not be clicking on it – this might be the only remedy for now.

if you have any other information how to stay protected from phishing message other than not to click on it then please leave comments