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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work with MS Office in cloud  "Microsoft announcing office 365 as cloud"

Everything is becoming a cloud nowadays; Microsoft has changed the strategy to rule the software world and now come up with cloud computing technology in Office suite called office 365.

Microsoft will launch Microsoft office 365 in 2011 bundling number of technologies under one roof.
Microsoft empowered office suite with cloud functionality so you can access email anywhere online, outlook calendar on any device including mobile- and Microsoft is going to offer all functionality with subscription model not with the license model as it’s been happening traditionally.

Sharepoint 2010 in cloud with office 365:

Office 365 provides office and server suites online to utilize them as a cloud- including this Microsoft is going to offer lync, exchange and sharepoint online so user can full advantage of these services- using sharepoint user can store documents online, using

If you are running small business and do not want to invest in licensing so office 365 could be best option for you to work with all software online and just pay for as you use these software in the form of subscription not for licenses.

You can create mysite and share documents among your colleagues, you also can share calendars and task list with others online.

Understand office 365 by example
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Microsoft Lync:

Using lync you can communicate effectively with users and partners, and have great video and audio communication with your partners.

Exchange online with exchange 2010 using cloud technology.

Microsoft office 2010 Plus:

Microsoft has bundled all functionality using cloud.

Office 365 includes Sharepoint online, Lync Online, exchange online and office professional plus desktop version.

Office 365 with different flavor:
Office 365 for small business
Office 365 for enterprise
Office 365 for Education

What software do I need if I want to work with office 365?
One thing is very important when you want to use office 365 so do not need to install it – you need to access it from your browser – and then all these system requirement comes into picture and see if your browser supports such features etc.
System requirements:
Operating System Requirements
Windows XP (SP3 Version)
Windows Vista SP2 Version
Windows 7
You need office client when working with office 365 and Office Client requirements are:
Office 2007 sp2 or 2010
.net 2.0 framework or later
Lync 2010
Browser requirement:
Outlook for web access
Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3.x, Safari

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