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Friday, January 6, 2012

If you want to understand what is windows phone so we can help you out there, so windows phone is a mobile operating system developed by giant Microsoft for different mobile devices.
Currently there are number of devices supported by windows phone including HTC, DELL, SAMSUNG etc. If you have such devices then you can enjoy with windows phone and use many Microsoft software with that and all features are quite impressive that we have seen so far.

You can use IE for your browsing session, and calendar and people contact and email, you can use office mobile option and use Microsoft one-not there using your windows mobile phone.
There is an option for people who wants to know “what’s that song” quite interesting feature just play a song and then press search will tell you who is the artist and where you can buy this song, you just need to press search button on you mobile and press music button to know all this.
You can find something while speaking let’s say you want to know “what is Microsoft sharepoint” just say this on your windows phone and done, the rest will fetched from search option and will display you the answers down the line.

In this process whenever you need anything related to updated software from Microsoft mobile update site so they always notify you and you get updated version of your software but now Microsoft has changed decision and discarding software updates site for windows phone where you get notification about update software and new updates will be available for those who will request it.

By the way this option was quite helpful for people who were just using windows phone and all the time whenever new information or updated software information is available so Microsoft notifies mobile users by a dialog box but now people will not be able to see such notification in future.

Hope this was quite helpful for you please stay connected to get more.