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Thursday, March 19, 2020

A network of connected objects be it a car, smartphone, camera or device or sensor – can communicate with other electronic devices to send and receive data called IoT.
what Internet network is that you are connected with all computer with each other, in mobile networks you can connect with another smartphone- but this internet of thing is actually an object of network connected with sensors etc and can connect with other objects that can include sensors or other devices can communicate with each other and all these sensors can transport data and actually can talk with each other.

How IoT works with Example:

A network of physical object or sensors network example includes google speaker, smart tv, c cooking appliances can communicate and understand your commands
This means that we are moving from traditional devices like mobile phone tablet to other sensors like temperature devices.

So once these sensors are communicating with other devices so must be transmitting data somewhere so it could be a process so that area is called services in this connectivity. typically it could be on the cloud.

IoT Summary:

In many fields it can be applied if you implement this IoT in manufacturing like car operation section then traditionally there are the different mechanism to start and stop production line for the purpose.
But understand that there is no replacement of humans even if you automate the entire production procedure using IOT technology in any operation procedure.

For example, you have a manufacturing production procedure where any error occurs then red led bulb lights up and halt the operation so nothing could go wrong any further.

So ideally a solution can contain a IOT device where the supervisor is not in the operation line then how he will know the production line has any super issue, so IOT can solve such issues as well, where the error occurs on the production line like your computer is connected with the raspberry pi and a sensor when something goes wrong employee attending activity can press a button connected with raspberry pi interface which is connected with your usb port as it required services layer to transport data – so finally this solution can halt the operation due to error issue and can also send SMS using IoT on your smartphone informing line manager asking him to take action.

What are security concerns related to IoT

Because any IOT solution or your IOT device communicating with sensors so it will not be done via TCP/IP so we can assume it’s not vulnerable or anyone can hack your IoT device or sensor and breach it so this is just close to impossible in solution based on IoT.

  • For this entire solution to be working you need azure services for IoT, raspberry pi, IOT kit, and of course a computer connected with your solution.
  • In this typical example, all devices and sensors connected to each other and there is no need for the internet to transport data among these devices.

Hope this might help you to understand IoT - please stay connected with this site to learn more about IoT in detail.