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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It’s very cumbersome for people  to remember web addresses while browsing, solution to this problem was bookmark the site so next time when you want to visit the same resource just click the bookmarked entry,  but what if you want the same resources address in your office or somewhere else out side- again you have stored all web addresses  in your home’s browser so there was need of bookmarking that should be online or online bookmarking.
Then many organization started social bookmarking as well, but if you come across a Google product called Google bookmark is quite fascinating tough it’s not competing with other huge social book marking site but giving you a feature to store your bookmark on line so you access web addresses from anywhere where if you have stored them online.
Google has introduced a technology called Google bookmark not a new service by Google but ultimately can be used in sophisticated way.

Using Google toolbar for online bookmarking :

If you are using Google toolbar so you will find a button on toolbar "bookmarks" – this button will store your bookmark online – as you know this toolbar is available for IE - not available for latest Firefox browser so you can use this functionality using IE and you can add your favorite site online using Google bookmark, if you have already bookmark your site on your hard drive so can import all bookmark online using the same button click on Google Toolbar->> Bookmarks->> Import IE Favorites `from there follow the steps and define label for your online bookmarks you are done your all bookmarks are available on Google bookmark site.
Tip: you can drag all your bookmark online by just dragging all your off line bookmark onto Google bookmark online bookmark space.

Online Bookmarking with fun:

Just want a handy mechanism for storing all your favorite web addresses online just drag the following button(visit the site below) on your bookmark menu and drop it there, visit any site that you want to remember and store it in bookmark just click on that button name “Google bookmark” and provide your Google credentials and done – you are storing that web address online.

Bookmark button:

You have imported and store all your favorits sites online not on your hard drives using this technology.

Why you need Google bookmark online?

If your pc hit by any malware and you are unable to recover your favorites sites you had saved offline on your drive -  so your bookmark will be lost instead- if you have saved all your bookmark online using Google bookmark so you access your bookmark from any pc and from anywhere outside.

There are other bookmarking services online available and delicous and digg is a kind of social book marking sites example.