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Saturday, April 20, 2013

After penguin update many organizations trying to cope up with the current situation where their website ranking is suffering, if you have never analyzed your inbound links profile so probably is going to face more worst scenario  in regard to SEO of your site.

This penguin update has affected many small organizations to be on a backstage but now the tends of seo has changed and now you need different approach in regard to SEO.
You can follow the steps given below if you want to understand what is natural link building in regard to enhanced seo, If you have decided to rank high your site so you need some measure to take, one of them is to analyze your anchor text –you can start off with anchor text which we call them Naked Anchor text.

Strongest signal of natural links:
You can browse any online tool to analyze your site and if you see there is no naked URL then you should be curious, Naked anchor text is the root URL entry or any url page referring to your site  for instance:
Naked url entries are the strongest signal of natural link building you can analyze such url using any seo tools and check how many URLs are there what percentage it has. If you have more naked url referring to your site as mentioned above is a good signal of your seo strategy.

Branding anchor text:
Includes referring your web site with a branded keyword for instance.
  • sql server management studio
  • SSMS
  • SQLServerManagementStudio.
Mix of anchor text:
This type of anchor text includes some additional word in anchor text for instance.
  • SQL Server info
  • SQL Server tips
Junk link tag:
In seo world if you are referring your site with the keyword like click here, visit site, more so you are calling trouble to your home, so ideally you should avoid this segment while doing seo.
Ideally you can follow the given techniques to enhance your site ranking after penguin.
  • Develop quality content for your site.
  • Use YouTube
  • Post images on social media platform
  • Write guest post